KYMIRA® Sport products help you to perform at the next level.

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Wearing KYMIRA® Sport boosts how long you can maintain your peak performance zone for, and offers a reduction in fatigue in the latter stages of your training session or competition. This enhanced energy availability and stamina is due to a number of different biological effects, namely increased local circulation, increased tissue oxygen levels and improved respiration efficiencies.

The expected changes to your endurance performance when wearing KYMIRA® can be seen here, where we show speed on the y-axis, and time on the x-axis. In those wearing KYMIRA® we see a slight acceleration to reach peak performance, and a slight increase in overall speed or power output. The big changes are seen in the peak zone, with peak performance maintained significantly longer and fatigue reduced significantly quicker.

For the wearer, this means that you are able to cover more ground in the same space of time, or the same ground in less time. Ultimately resulting in faster competition performances and increases to your training capacity and efficiencies.



KYMIRA® Sport products offer the wearer an increase in the body’s available power. The biggest performance benefit will come from a reduction to your in-session fatigue.

Simply putting on KYMIRA® increases ATP production which has been shown to offer marginal improvement in absolute speed and power. Improvements in performance for power athletes are predominantly achieved because the body recovers quicker from each bout of exercise, making recovery intervals more effective. These improvements in recovery effectiveness are caused by the increase in local circulation and tissue oxygen levels that remove waste products such as lactic acid quicker, along with providing fuel to the cells quicker.

The expected changes to your power performance when wearing KYMIRA® can be seen here, which has time on the y-axis and repetition number on the x-axis. In those wearing KYMIRA® we see top power performance maintained throughout a training session. Increases to your training load will offer the benefits of enabling the physiological adaptions gained from training to occur quicker. If you compete in a heat based format, this is invaluable for you too, as it will mean that you can have the confidence to put more effort into each heat, while still recovering before the next.


Power / Endurance

If you are seeking power and endurance performance, ideal for sports such as rowing, then you stand to benefit from the full spectrum of performance benefits KYMIRA® offers.

Your peak performance zone will be extended, you will experience a reduction in session fatigue and this will allow you to increase training capacity and improve competitive performances.

During interval based training sessions when wearing our KYMIRA® products, we see athletes’ bodies recover quicker between intervals. When monitoring heart rate, we have consistently seen athletes’ heart rates recover by an additional 10BPM between intervals, compared to the same session in normal sportswear. This shows us that the athlete’s bodies are recovering quicker, and are able to continue performing at a higher level throughout that session.

The graph on the right shows a representation of the heart rate changes that have been observed using KYMIRA® products VS standard sportswear. You will see that no change has been seen in heart rate during exercise, only during the recovery phases.



Speed is an important variable in every sport and one of the most crucial factors in physical performance. Wearing KYMIRA® infrared products during performance increases your tissue oxygen levels which is shown to enhance your speed to increase your competitive edge.


Strength & Grip

KYMIRA® can offer the wearer increased muscular strength, due to its effects of increasing local circulation, tissue oxygenation and energy production at a cellular level. In a recent study, participants wearing a KYMIRA® infrared shirt recorded a mean grip strength increase of 12.44% in dominant hands, following a 90 minute period of wear, when compared to a placebo shirt.



If your sporting performance utilises flexibility for high level performance, then KYMIRA® can support your muscles to stretch further, whilst decreasing the risk of injury (as discussed in injury prevention next). By wearing your KYMIRA® Sport garments before exercise, the increased presence of Nitric Oxide primes the muscles, which improves muscle condition and elasticity ready for performance. This will continue throughout your performance, and be further boosted if you compete in your KYMIRA®.