My Posture Reflex Lumbar Lower Support Mesh Cushion


My Posture Reflex Lumbar Lower Support Mesh Cushion give your back a little extra support, improve your posture or get more comfort from your seat.

Whether you work at home or at the office, let’s face it – you could use some better back support! Introducing the Lumbar Lower Support Mesh Cushion for your office chair. The cushion helps promote good posture by filling in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat. You will find yourself feeling a lot better working throughout the day with the cushion on your seat.

Improvising a home “office”? Don’t have an expensive “ergonomic” office chair? Ouch! You may not have the support your lower back needs! This Lower Lumbar Back Support may be just the comfortable – and affordable – solution you need!
Mesh support cushion can help transform most chairs – and even sofas – into a friendlier place to rest your lower back.

Cushion helps promote good posture by closing the gap between your lower back and an office chair seat.
Mesh cushion is very lightweight and easy to move from one place to another.

Customers have praised this Back Support! Max R. said, “I’ve been working from home during this lockdown and using normal chairs for extended periods is not good for my back. This support cushion provides reasonable support to my back, letting me sit at my laptop for extended periods.”

Mesh support is useful in your vehicle. Eve M. reports, ” Glad I bought this! A welcome relief on long drives; supports my back well. Recommend it.”

Check out this reasonably priced Mesh Support at and find yourself feeling a lot better throughout the day!

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